Ziggeraut Prime Tabletop Game

What is ZP?

Ziggeraut Prime is a tabletop strategy game where 2-4 (or more!) players pit themselves against each other in tactical combat. You begin by creating a unique Murder - a team of prisoners banded together for survival and comradery - or by choosing a pre-made Murder for quickplay with friends.

Stranded on the Galaxy's prison planet of Ziggeraut Prime, your Murder's actions are constantly being watched as fights and events are filmed for the Galaxy's most popular game-show, hosted and run by callous and maniacal A.I. that are loyal only to increasing their show's Ratings. Worse still, all the mayhem attracts nameless creatures from beyond the inky void between stars to cultivate and feast on the misery of your dying fighters.

Raise your Murder's game-show ratings by competing with other players to complete randomized scenarios for each encounter and vie for resources to control the most feared (or just last surviving) Murder in the Galaxy!

Why is ZP awesome?

Open source and absolutely free, forever. Download ZP and use it to kill your friends!

Use ANY 28mm miniatures (or strange, random household objects) you have laying around!

Playable as a one-shot party game or a dangerously nerdy immersive Campaign system!

Sinisterly simplistic rolling mechanics. You'll only ever need a few 6 sided dice!

Prison-planet game show run by maniacal A.I. and infested with Eldritch horrors. What's not to love?

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Download a premade Murder